Friday, 12 June 2015

A quick visit to Sydney

Yes I know I have been rubbish at keeping this up to date recently (I did warn you) but here's a quick update of our travels so far.
After hitting Australia in January, we spent 5 fun filled packed days travelling round Sydney seeing all the typical tourist sites and catching up with friends. We took a stroll along the harbour, taking in the sites of the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Sydney Harbour Bridge (not forgetting a stop at the Sydney Opera Bar for a quick bevvie).

Now we couldn't go to Sydney without visiting Bondi Beach, where the tans are a vast shade of crimson and the surf boards out number the dodgy swimwear. Unfortunately I was one of the fools who didn't listen to the advice of how strong the Aussie Sun is and begun to crisp after only 2 hours in the beautiful weather. We were also disappointed we didn't get to see any of the TV loved lifeguards from Bondi Rescue, however we will be returning later in the year to hunt them down.

City life in Sydney was amazing and it was nice to get back to eating food similar to home. But next stop the Gold Coast, I will remember to wear my sun cream this time!

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