Thursday, 23 October 2014

Celebrating Diwali in Pushkar

I feel really priviliged to spend time in India over Diwali. The number of crackers the children have set off in the streets have made them become a norm and I've started to not flinch as much (only slightly). Our guide is a Hindi so we have tried to incorporate her tradition into our routine, so we have celebrated with tons of fireworks and our nightly rum club. 

We've spent 2 nights in Pushkar, known as the hippie city and their clothing style (mainly the tourists) truly shows this. I do admit I have bought some awesome tie dye trousers! The first night we spent in the desert watching some traditional Rajasthan dancers and fire breathers. It was brilliant to watch! 

We also visited a sacred lake, where we were able to chill with a chai and admire the views and the sunset.

The next day we had to get up at 4am to watch the sunrise at the Savitri temple which was situated at the top of a mountain. I would like to say it was an easy climb but I would be lying. It took around an hour to climb to the top and the steps were killers, but I do believe it may have toned my thighs! Also the view was worth it and we all made it, go team!

The rest of the day has been a free day where we have explored the markets and shops around Pushkar (got some great bargains, now need to workout how to fit them into my over packed rucksack!). Then this evening we have celebrated Diwali. The fireworks are truly crazy here and keep you on edge; travelling with a health and safety consultant is quite a laugh as I'm sure he has a panic attack seeing children as young as 5 setting off fireworks all the time! 
Pushkar is a beautiful place to visit, but gutted I won't be here to visit the biggest Indian market!
Happy Diwali people!

An artistic trip to Udaipur

Udaipur has been jam packed, after a long 8 hour bus journey we finally arrived. The hotel was lovely and so was the surrounding city. We are very lucky to have been travelling during the Diwiali celebration, so everywhere has been colourfully decorated; from houses to the streets and to the palace itself.

During the day we got to explore the palace, I have to admit it was amazing. The size of the building was phenomenal and so beautiful. The people of India truly know how to create brilliant art work.

We also got to explore the architecture of a temple. The carvings were amazing and they must have taken a lot of time to complete, but totally somewhere you need to visit.

More of Udaipur

Now I couldn't come to India without getting some henna. We visited a local art workshop where not only did the artist complete some henna on my arm, but he also painted a miniature piece of art on everyone's nail. 

In the evening we took part in a cooking class, where we got to create a variety of different vegetable Indian dishes for our dinner. They tasted amazing and were so worth waiting for.

Udaipur has been my favourite place in India so far, even though the fire crackers going off in the street constantly scared the living daylight out of me. It was still a place I won't forget.

A short but brief visit to Jodhpur

A quick afternoon in Jodphur and we got the opportunity to visit a massive fort, the blue city and the spice market. Got to taste a variety of spices; never knew mango powder was so sour. Now in Udipur, will post more pictures tomorrow :) (sorry the writing is getting shorter and shorter, wifi is getting less and less)

Photo bomb by Leigh... Moron lol! xx

We are going on an animal hunt!

I love animal spotting. From counting how many antelope I could see on our camel safari, to spotting as many monkeys as I can on any joinery. On our bus ride to Udaipur we drove through the mountain side where the leopards live. I tried my hardest to spot the leopards and after a few hours of looking I had to give up :( which was a shame. However in the evening I did spot an elephant (even though it wasn't wild).