Thursday, 23 October 2014

Celebrating Diwali in Pushkar

I feel really priviliged to spend time in India over Diwali. The number of crackers the children have set off in the streets have made them become a norm and I've started to not flinch as much (only slightly). Our guide is a Hindi so we have tried to incorporate her tradition into our routine, so we have celebrated with tons of fireworks and our nightly rum club. 

We've spent 2 nights in Pushkar, known as the hippie city and their clothing style (mainly the tourists) truly shows this. I do admit I have bought some awesome tie dye trousers! The first night we spent in the desert watching some traditional Rajasthan dancers and fire breathers. It was brilliant to watch! 

We also visited a sacred lake, where we were able to chill with a chai and admire the views and the sunset.

The next day we had to get up at 4am to watch the sunrise at the Savitri temple which was situated at the top of a mountain. I would like to say it was an easy climb but I would be lying. It took around an hour to climb to the top and the steps were killers, but I do believe it may have toned my thighs! Also the view was worth it and we all made it, go team!

The rest of the day has been a free day where we have explored the markets and shops around Pushkar (got some great bargains, now need to workout how to fit them into my over packed rucksack!). Then this evening we have celebrated Diwali. The fireworks are truly crazy here and keep you on edge; travelling with a health and safety consultant is quite a laugh as I'm sure he has a panic attack seeing children as young as 5 setting off fireworks all the time! 
Pushkar is a beautiful place to visit, but gutted I won't be here to visit the biggest Indian market!
Happy Diwali people!

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