Thursday, 16 October 2014

Worshiping the rats!

Today has been quite a chilled but strange day. We had to camel cart back from the desert this morning after breakfast and then arrived back at our hotel. We then visited a fort in Bikaner; the place was stunning and had some beautiful art work everywhere. We have a great view of it from our hotel too.

After lunch we took a taxi down to the rat temple. The godess of this temple believes rats are also her worshipers, so they were allowed to live inside the temple. Now this alone seemed weird but finding out that around 1 million rats lived in the temple, I didn't quite know what to expect! When we got inside the temple the place was completely full of rats everywhere. The people and rats share from the same plate, the indian worshipers were happy to have the rats around them, unfortunately I did not! They were running over people's toes which freaked me and Olivia out so didn't stay too long inside the confined space. I get why they worship monkeys and elephants and other animals, but rats? However we did see a white rat which is meant to be lucky when you make a wish. So fingers crossed!

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