Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Route Ahead

Welcome to our home for the next month (at least).

She may look like an old girl, but thanks to the previous backpackers (and for Mark and Chonny for letting us borrow her) she has been fully equipped for the upcoming voyage.
After plenty of planning (more like a five minute read of a map and a quick dip into Lonely Planet), we have plotted a 14,000km round road trip through the Central, West and South of Australia.
Our trip will take us from Griffith to Alice Springs where we hope to see the famous Uluru (Ayres Rock), then we will follow the National Highway 87 up to Darwin to swim with the crocs. If we haven't been eaten live or lost any limbs, we will then take the Great Northen Highway West towards Perth, stopping at Monkey Mia, Shark Bay, North West Cape and wherever else we fancy along the way. Once we hit Perth we will travel along the South Coast until we come to Adelaide. Then finally head further South to Melbourne before heading back to where we started.
If we manage to complete this trip in one piece and within a month and a half, I feel it will be nothing short of a miracle. But there is no fun in the boring and easy, so let's bring on the adventure and the memories to come.

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