Friday, 28 August 2015

Road Trip Part 6: Perth to Port Lincoln

Day 26:
We were packed up and checked out by 10am this morning. Aimed to head towards Kalgoorlie-Boulder which was a bigger city so we could pick up some bits.
It hasn't been a very exciting day today as we spent most of it driving and only stopped a few times for a toilet stop and lunch. We arrived at a rest stop 158km from Kalgoorlie-Boulder by 4pm and set up camp for the evening. We had picked up some famous Australian rissoles for dinner tonight.
It's going to be another long day of driving tomorrow, but we are slowly getting closer to Adelaide.

Animal count: we mainly just saw farm animals, apart from a few wild goats which were casually chilling next to a 3 lane motorway.

9912 + 433 = 10,345km completed.

Day 27:
We had a lay in this morning and woke up at 7.45am, munched down some breakfast (Tested out the gluten free Weetabix, which weren't too bad) and once ready, we headed off.
Drove to Kalgoorlie-Boulder and grabbed a few essentials (Which included stopping off at Maccy D's to buy a drink so I could use the wifi to download a new book or two).
Then for the rest of the day we just drove. We travelled through Norseman and arrived at one of the longest straight stretches of road in Australia at 146.6km long.

We decided we weren't going to conquer the whole straight today, so stopped at a roadside rest stop not far in and made camp for the night. The weather had been on off raining all afternoon, but luckily there was a table with a shelter at the rest stop which made cooking dinner that little bit easier.
We are hoping to reach the Southh Australian border tomorrow as well as hoping the Sun might make an appearance. Fingers crossed!

Animal count: Nothing special.

10345 + 585 = 10,930km completed.

Day 28:
Driving, driving, driving. That pretty much sums up today. Even though Australia has some pretty amazing sights, they have a lot of nothing in between.
We crossed the Southern border, which meant we lost and hour and a half due to time difference. We found a roadhouse, got a few beers at the bar and cooked some soup for dinner before hitting the sack. 
Hopefully tomorrow will bring a bit more excitement.

Animal count: Nothing of interest.

10930 + 469 = 11,426km completed.

Day 29:
Woke up to find the roadhouse which was once packed with caravans was now completely empty. No wonder when we woke up at 8.30am! Still we were in no rush and left at 9.30am to head towards the border quarantine point. We were prepared again and didn't have a single piece of fruit or veg (We are learning slowly).
Before the border control we stopped at the Head of Bight, which a couple a few days ago had told us was a good place to see whales. It cost $15 each to walk along the boardwalk, which seemed a bit steep but turns out it was completely worth it because this is one of the areas where the Southern Right Whales come to breed. We saw 3 mothers with 3 calves and few males lurking about the waters. Two of the mothers with their calves came right to the edge of the cliff so we were able to see them a lot closer than we had done before. Obviously the same old story, iPhone photography makes the whales just look like a black blob in the water, but trust me when I saw you could even see the barnacles on their heads. I definitely would recommend this little stop to anyone passing by during whale migration season.

We arrived in Ceduna by 3pm, showered and put on a load of washing, as we both desperately needed both of these. Hunted down a supermarket to buy some decent meat for dinner as the camp kitchen was pretty decent. Then finally sat down with a few beers and got chatting to some Aussies about farming and travelling.
After dinner we went for a nice stroll along the jetty and watched some of the fish swimming about below us.
Tomorrow, as a last minute decision, we have decided we are going to stop at Port Lincoln on the way through to Adelaide to see what's there. 

Animal count: We saw some Southern Right Whales with their calves. 

11426 + 269 = 11,695km completed.

Day 30:
Finally we have woken up to a beautiful sunny morning, it's still fresh but sunny. We left on our travels by 10am and stopped at Elliston for lunch by the sea.
We arrived at Port Lincoln by 3pm. There was a free sausage sizzle at the caravan park at 4pm but we both felt it was way too early to eat dinner. So we went and got a magazine and a mini chess board so Leigh could get in a bit of practice. He still lost!
We then took a stroll along the waters edge and by then the temperature soon started to drop and it became freezing cold, 
We had bought our own sausages and cooked them up at the camp kitchen whilst watching The Amazing Spiderman on their TV. 
There were a variety of things to do in Port Lincoln and I really would have loved to have dived in a cage with Great White Sharks, but until our tax rebate comes through, these experiences will have to be on hold for the time being. 

Animal count: We saw a few Pelicans hunting for fish in the water.

11695 + 404 = 12,099km completed.

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