Thursday, 3 September 2015

Road Trip Part 7: Port Lincoln to Adelaide

Day 31:
That was definitely the worst nights sleep I have had in ages. We were parked on a hill as there was no flat ground, so I kept rolling down the bed all night. Tried to get refreshed with a hot shower and a cuppa before heading off to Port Augusta by 9.30am.
We stopped at Whyalla on route to have lunch by the sea. Shame there was a Gail force wind, but it was pretty to see from the car.
We arrived at Port Augusta by 2am, found a campsite and then headed to the supermarket. Grabbed a drink from Maccy D's so we could use the Internet and I could download a film to watch this evening.
We had a very quiet evening overall as there isn't a lot to do in Port Augusta. So a chill out night and in Maggie watching Insurgent it is

Animal count: We just saw 2 Pelicans. It's funny how we get excited about seeing these huge birds, but to Aussies they are just everyday creatures and they don't tend to share our enthusiasm.

12099 + 344 = 12,443km completed.

Day 32:
We are off to Adelaide today and we hope to spend a few days here. Haigh's Chocolate Factory was recommended to us and the talk of free chocolate has got both of our sugar rushes going.
Got some news from the farm that Tina the Australian Bull Dog has had her puppies, which means we can have lots of cuddles when we get back.
We arrived in Adelaide by 2pm, however we would have got here sooner but had loads of problems with Maggie and her speed just kept dropping so we had to keep stopping. But we got here in the end.
So once we had sorted out somewhere to stay for the night, we tried to find a supermarket but got completely lost. We spent the evening in the TV room at the campsite as it was freezing outside. We definitely need to book a room for a few nights, as I can't cut this weather in the car.

Animal count: Only a few ducks.

12443 + 315 = 12,758km completed.

Day 33:
We ended up booking a little cabin at the campsite as the weather still hasn't improved. At least we now have more of a base and it saves us from having to get the bed made up every night.
So this morning we went for a tour around Haigh's Chocolate Factory at the visitor centre, where (As we had hoped!) we were given loads of chocolate to try throughout. We were fully stocked up and we did buy some from the shop to add to the collection. What a healthy few days we are going to have!
In the afternoon we headed to the central markets where we grabbed some lunch and took a wander around the different stalls. 
We came back to the hut for dinner as we had planned to take a trip up to Mount Lofty in the evening to see a view of the city at night. However Maggie had other plans and decided to conk out twice whilst we tried to climb the steep road, so that didn't happen and we had to just turn around and come back down. It was a lot easier getting down as she could just roll. Useless car!

Animal count: We saw nothing special today.

12443 + 10 = 12,453km completed.

Day 34:
We've had a very busy day exploring Adelaide today, but the day started with a long boring call to the tax man to try and sort our tax out. Just like the tax man at home, they make it easy to take money away but difficult when it comes to claiming it back. But once we had given up on that chore we headed to the Adelaide Museum and took a stroll around the Aboriginal and animal display. This is the first museum we have been to in Australia and we were pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it (Plus when it is free to explore, it is even better). I am definitely getting old. 
We stopped at Grill'd for lunch, one of our favourite healthy fast food chains in Australia, before taking a walk down to the Wine Visitor Centre to help enhance our knowledge of my favourite drink. We had to try and digitally create our own wines by answering different questions. I have to admit, we were rubbish! I think I should just stick to drinking the stuff.
Even with on off showers all afternoon, we still took a lovely stroll through the Botanic Gardens and around their large planted conservatory. We then grabbed a frappe before catching the bus back to the caravan site. 
Lots of walking but lots completed. 

Animal count: We saw nothing special again today.

12453 + 10 = 12,463km completed.

I just realised I took no photos what so ever in Adelaide. Apologies.

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