Sunday, 4 January 2015

Trying to live the high life in Singapore but failing

I've realised my blog has become one of those boring stories where someone just lists what they are doing and nothing really happens. So thought I'd cut the waffle and try and make it a bit more exciting (told you writing wasn't my forte). I've also got a bit behind as I haven't finished what we got up to in Singapore. 
We decided for the day we would live the high life and hit Raffles hotel (famous for the Singapore Sling cocktail) and buy a few cocktails. A few cocktails turned out to be one each as it costs us £27 for 2 drinks (so much for being high rollers), however the cocktails were pretty good (didn't have the Singapore Sling though as I still can't touch gin).

Well as our plans had to change we decided to visit the River Safari. Now the river safari isn't quite what you would expect from a safari, it was more like an aquarium. However they did have some pretty awesome sea creatures including a variety of penguins, which reminded me of happy feet. They also had pandas and as the woman quoted beside me; 'Take this view in children, as it is likely you will never see one of these animals again and your children will have no clue what they are.' Crazy when you think about it but so much truth in those words.

In the evening we waited around for the night safari. Now this was a lot better than the river safari and even though it is conducted in a zoo environment, it's a must do if you ever visit Singapore. Catching the tram round the park, walking through dark alleyways to different hideouts and watching a creatures of the night show made my day (have you got the hint yet that yes I am an animal lover). I will let the pictures speak for themselves, however no flash was allowed to be used for the nights safari so sorry if you can't quite make out the animals. So much for switching up my blog. Oh well, maybe next time.

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