Friday, 19 December 2014

I think I'm going to like it here

Apparently according to the Singaporeans all they do in Singapore is shop, go to the cinema and eat; so that is what we decided to do. I have never seen so many shopping malls in one place! Pretty much every metro stations leads to a shopping mall, which leads to another shopping mall so I totally get why Singaporeans shop all the time (because you can't miss the shops). But of course nearly every shopping mall also contains a cinema, so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to drag leigh along to watch the Hobbit.
Now I could easily shop all day long but thought it would be best to catch a few of the other sights found in Singapore. We begun by visiting the Merlion statue, this statue can be found printed on many of the Singaporean typical tourist tat. It is a creature which is half lion and half fish and I would like to say I knew what significance it had to Singapore but that would be a lie. However it looked really pretty all lit up at night.

We then took the opportunity to grab a Christmasy Starbucks and sat by the river watching the spectacular view of the  Marina Bay Sands light show. The Marina looked very similar to Hong Kong but felt a lot more like London (making it feel a lot more like home), this maybe due to English being one of their native languages (this also made life a lot easier to get a round). I have a feeling I'm really going to like this city already.


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