Monday, 15 December 2014

Koh Lanta, my idea of heaven!

Deciding where to visit in Thailand has taken us forever. There are so many little islands with soft, sandy beaches and clear waters (which we wish we could visit them all), but we chose to stay 3 nights in Koh Lanta. 
Now this haven is definitely more rural to Phuket; with no hot water, limited electricity and wooden huts scattered across the beachside. We stayed in a hut on stilts above a little lake; it wasn't quite the rustic wooden huts we had planned to stay in but we still enjoyed a change from the noisy hostels and white hotel rooms.

I would like to say we done a lot over our visit here, but actually the beach became our best friend and our towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and bikinis (and swim shorts) were our everyday essentials. We were able to catch up with some friends who we had previously met along our travels, and indulge in delicious (and cheap) food and drink which included a spectacular sea view. We also spent time exploring the local markets, where we were able to grab some amazing bargains (and fake football shirts for the boys).
Though the one thing I will remember about Koh Lanta is the vast amounts of different crabs you can find scuttling along the beach. One of the men in the beach bar even helped me find a gigantic hermit crab. 
We could have easily stayed on this island for much longer, however our friend (stupidly) got bit by a dog on one of her previous adventures, so we needed to head back to civilisation so she could get her rabies shot. So the next time you will hear from me, I will be back in Phuket, planning the next stage of our travels.

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