Saturday, 20 December 2014

Last stop in Thailand

We decided to head back to Patong as our next flight was from here. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the greatest, so we didn't travel back to Koh Phi Phi (which I am gutted about). So we spent 7 more days in the package holiday central.
We were still with Alice and Becky for this part of our travels and when the Sun was out, we headed towards the beach and worshipped the Sun some more.
Now anyone who has been to Thailand is fully aware of the 'Ping Pong Shows'. To get the record straight, we did not go to the shows, but we had to endure the hundreds of sales people popping noises in our ears. Along Bangla street they even create a barricade wall that you have to push through, so you have no choice but to listen. Seems they aren't just Ping Pong shows anymore, as their lists of activities are at least 30 long. I just don't quite understand the fascination of it all!
One evening we did find the coolest bar (Oatto Bar), which was a converted VW camper van. The cocktails were cheap and delicious, we also met some pretty cool Aussies who we are hoping to meet up with later on in our travels (they also invited us to their hotel the next day to use their swimming pool, which was a 5* hotel and we felt very poor once we left). We spent our whole night here (until 3am) enjoying the company and atmosphere. I really recommend this place to anyone staying in Patong.

Now onto a new country to spend Christmas at. Hello Singapore :)

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