Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Is it a bird... Is it a plane... No it's Sandra in a cable cart

More adventures in Singapore this time we took to the sky as super heroes (in a superhero themed cable cart) and headed to Sentosa; where we explored the surroundings and found another Merlion.

As part of our Zoo ticket we gained access to the Jurong bird sanctuary. The sun was blazing and shade was limited, so I have to admit I wasn't fully engaged with this attraction due to my over excessive sweating, however the vast variety of colour and species from all areas of the globe would fascinate any bird lover (there were lots of chances to interact with some of the birds too). Just visit when it's a little cooler.

Now when you have lived off Asian food for nearly 3 months, seeing western food is a cause for celebration (and I don't mean McDonalds or any other fast food establishment, I mean genuine hearty English food). We came across this little treat in a shopping mall. The food may not have looked like much but you don't understand how much I have been craving mash potato and gravy! Welcome to the pie shop!

I have to admit it was some of the nicest food I have tasted in a while (probably because it reminded me of home) and because I love steak pie. I even ate the mushy peas. Nom nom!
This was a perfect time to say goodbye to our fellow traveller Sandra, who we had spent the last 5 days with. She maybe Christmas crazy but it was just what we needed over the festive holidays. Enjoy the rest of your travels in Africa and bye Singapore you have become one of my favourite places to travel. Next stop Kuala Lumpur.

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