Monday, 10 November 2014

A jam packed day in Jaipur

Sorry the posts are at random times, the wifi connection isn't always great and usually there is none at all!

We spent another day visiting different monuments in Jaipur. We started off by visiting the palace and the fort. The fort was a beautiful building and gigantic in size. The only downside to the fort, even though it was good to see them, are they 130 elephants they keep to ferry people up and down the mountain to the fort itself. We chose not to participate in this activity as we had been prewarned about the conditions they are kept in and the way they are treated. We opted for walking and just watched the sad expressions on the elephants. But on a more positive note, once we climbed the mountain we were able to view the city in its true beauty (it is also known as the Pink City due to the colour of the buildings). We even saw a snake charmer which made Leigh's and Simon's day!

We also stopped to see the floating palace (but we didn't actually go in it)!

Our next stop was the observatory, where they have the biggest sun dial in the world (it was so big I couldn't fit it all in one picture). It was very interesting to look around but it was also extremely hot at this point which did waver my concentration from the guide's talk.

We ended off our day with a trip to an Indian theatre where we got to watch a new Bollywood film called 'Happy New Year'. Now the cinema is very different in India, nearly half the audience turn up late (which drives me crackers!) and there are no subtitles (a big bonus). When a male actor comes of the screen (especially a good looking one who shows off his abs) the audience screams, which just made us laugh. They also like to applaud a lot! Even though the film was mainly in Hindi it was very easy to follow and extremly cheesy! But overall it was a good experience and I enjoyed it.

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