Saturday, 22 November 2014

What I have learnt in China

Thought I'd let you know my top 5 pointers which I have learnt during my visit to China:

1. As a friend says 'what goes up must come down'. This was our common motto when climbing the hundreds of stairs to different monuments and climbing the side of the mountains (and was very true).

2. Nothing beats an English breakfast (this was also learnt in India too)! Eating curry or rice or noodles or soup for breakfast just doesn't feel right in any situation.

3. Chopsticks are a pain to eat with. I have to admit my skills in using chopsticks have grown increasingly, however I have still not mastered the slippery dumplings which are full of soup (so I gave up and used my fingers). So practise, practise, practise!!!

4. Find the right squatting position. After much discussion with the girls on the tour, we created our own theory on how to position yourself (especially on a moving train) to reduce the amount of splash back created whilst squatting. Sounds stupid but essentially throughout both India and China.

5. You need to be respective of other tour members who are also weeing into your trough. It is always said that girls always go to the toilet together, in China this is more than true on many levels. Not only do lots of toilets not have walls or doors( you position yourself over the same trough. You soon learn to be at the high end of the trough so you don't have to view the running excrement below you. Delightful! 

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