Monday, 10 November 2014

Next stop Xi'an

It is freezing in Xi'an, I was really not prepared for this type of weather. So having to pack the flip flops away and invest in a really thick scarf!
Our first stop of this trip was to the Giant Wild Goose Bagoda, which is a huge Buddhist temple. We also got introduced to a local artist who explained the detail of Chinese art.

I also got my name written in Chinese and according to the artist it means beautiful. I'm pretty sure he was just being polite.

For dinner we went for a dumpling buffet where we got to try a variety of different dumplings. Who knew you could get so many flavours and colours?
After dinner we went for a stroll around the local market. They had lots of different food stalls from food and sweets to different souviners (unfortunately I couldn't find any tarantulas which is my aim to find!)
Looking forward to seeing the Terracotta Army tomorrow!

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