Monday, 10 November 2014

A short but smelly visit to Agra

Now Agra alone is a very smelly place. From all the places I have seen so far, this has to be the dirtiest; which is strange considering it has one of the most visitied and well kept monuments in India! The smell at some points was very overwhelming and we had to go inside to get away from it. It is not an area you want to spend a long period of time in as there is not a lot here apart from the Baby Taj, the Taj Mahal and the Agra Fort (which are three very impressive monuments which make up for their surrounding areas).

We started off by visiting the baby Taj and visited the gardens opposite the Taj Mahal for a sneak preview (before we got to visit the following day).

We then arose at 4am to get first in the queue for the Taj Mahal the following day (it was worth getting up early as the queue was ridiculous by the time the gate opened and the previous day around 40,000 people visited). We were able to watch the sunrise and take some awesome pictures of this amazing place. One thing finally ticked off my bucket list!

A fact for you (which I didn't know): the two towers are built slightly tilted outwards away from the main structure so, that if for some reason, the towers were knocked or they fell over they won't destroy the main structure. 

In the afternoon we went to look round Agra Fort. Tigers and crocodiles used to protect the fort (when it was properly in use) and they use to roll giant boulders down the slope to crush intruders (more facts for you). The guide really made this place come to life and made it more enjoyable to venture round!

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