Monday, 10 November 2014

Beijing continued

We got the opportunity to visit a Kung Fu Show whilst in Beijing. Unfortunately we were not able to take any pictures inside the theatre but the show was phenomenal and the men were way too flexible. I'm not sure I will take up back flipping using my head instead of my hands or having my body lifted up using just arrows! They were truly talented people.

To tell you the truth, my knowledge of China is pretty poor and I hadn't read up much about the country prior to the visit (unlike India). Luckily we are in a group with people who are quite wealthy in knowledge when it comes to chinese history and architecture (which makes me feel a little stupid!) but they all recommended a visit to the Summer  Palace. So that is where we headed!
I have never heard of the Summer Palace so I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived (on another note; we took the subway and if you thought London Underground was busy, try getting onto a tube in a city where 26 million people live!). We travelled around different parts of the palace and the views were spectacular, even though this meant we had to climb many stairs! We didn't have a guide for this part of the trip, so I'm not fully aware of the Palaces history or why they built a boat out of iron (surely it didn't move), definitely need to do some extra reading! 

Now a local from Beijing told us 3 things which are a must in Beijing; the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and eating Peking duck! So we couldn't leave Beijing without trying some Peking duck! Which I have to admit puts shredded duck from any Chinese at home to shame! Another must if visiting China. Now to prepare ourselves for another sleeper train, heading to Xi'an.

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