Sunday, 9 November 2014

A night out in Jaipur

Now in Jaipur :) we took a rickshaw ride around the city to view different landmarks and an orientation trip. Who knew you had to have a license to drive a rickshaw? The drivers got in a bit of a panic when Olivia decided to take it for a test drive. 

However we did see some spectacular places and some of the Diwali decorations were still up!

We then spent the evening in an Indian sports bar (more like a rock bar) where we have dinner and drinks. We taught our guide, Mandy, how to strawpedo a drink, however she failed miserably. Although when it came to shotting drinks with Tabasco in them, she knocked us under the table. You can still a get a decent mojito in India (and it was happy hour, 2 4 1) so I was pleased! A lot of the group are feeling a bit worse for wear today though, but it was worth it!

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