Saturday, 22 November 2014

Brief visit to Bangkok

We arrived at our third stage of our trip after a rubbish nights sleep on the airport floor and two plane journeys, where we got served omelettes on both! 
This is the first part of our trip where we have had to organise ourselves instead of being lead by a CEO. So we began by giving ourselves our own orientation walk around Bangkok. We managed to find the river ferry and took a trip to Wat Pho to see the reclining Budda. 

Then we decided to stop for lunch. I love Thai food so the choice of food was unbearable and I've realised I need to work my way through an extensive menu in order to be able to try everything. The food was definitely as good as I had hoped it would be.
We then ventured to the train station to book a sleeper train to Chang Mai (as sad as it may seem, we were very impressed we were able to conquer this quest by ourselves).
In the afternoon we were lazy and did catch up on some sleep before heading out in the evening to Khao San road to demolish some more Thai food and explore the markets. Whilst sitting at a bar a person who I recognised from Ipswich walked by, what a small world we live in!
The following day we took a long tail boat down to the floating market. After reading lonely planet it said you need to go before 9am to see the market at its best. As we didn't arrive at the river until 10am we thought we would risk it anyway. We should have listened to lonely planet! There was a maximum of 6 boats selling souviner tat which was a bit of a disappointment; however it was good to see the city by boat and we were able to feed the catfish along the way.

We then stopped of a drink by the river and I was able to grab my visit coconut water served in a coconut. Yum!

Still looking forward to find a beach soon, need some chill out time (and a tan). But for now it is time to take the ferry and find the train station. Next stop Chang Mai.

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