Monday, 10 November 2014

A trip to the Terracotta Warriors

From all the places we have got the opportunity to visit in China, the Terracotta Warriors have definitely been the one thing I have been most looking forward too. I missed the opportunity to see them in London when a few were touring the world, but finally I got the opportunity to see the real site! 
The Warriors were spread over 4 pits (however one pit was empty because the emperor didn't get the opportunity to finish his army), the first pit was the most magnificent to see as the majority of it is uncovered and easy to view.

The second pit had a small collection of warriors and horses to view, which were pretty spectacular!

The third pit was the largest of them all, but unfortunately the technology has not been created yet to preserve these magnificent masterpieces so there wasn't a lot to see.

Finally we got to see a few warriors and a chariot up close, it was crazy to see how much detail each statue contained and the different poses they were positioned in. Yet again, another thing ticked off my bucket list (however the list is forever growing in size)!

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