Saturday, 22 November 2014

How to keep yourself amused on a sleeper train

In China we have taken our fair share of sleeper trains; one lasting 20 hours long! But we have been very fortunate and met some amazing people on the way. 
On one of our long journeys, a guy from our group originally travelled to China to teach Kung Fu, so he decided to dress himself up and teach us a few moves (mainly for self defence). Not only did he entertain us for an hour, but Chinese people even came from different carriages to video the display. Becky was used as the demonstration model and spent most of the time on the floor. 

Or you could try getting really drunk and spend most of the night bent over a squatter toilet being sick (no names mentioned!).

On our 20 hour train, we were joined in our carriage by a theatre group who could speak some English (typical English can't speak any other language but all over nationalities can speak about 5). They shared with us their stories as well as their food. One girl shared some homemade dumplings which tasted delicious; another sung a traditional Chinese song and her voice was amazing! I have recorded the song but can't seem to upload it, sorry! 
The trains have been the perfect time to catch up on some reading; 6 books down and now I'm not sure what to read next. Any recommendations? 
My eye mask has definitely been my saviour on the Chinese sleepers, especially when they decide to turn all the lights on at 6am!
Only one more sleeper to go!

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