Monday, 10 November 2014

Finally goodbye to India

I can't believe the first stage of our trip has finally come to an end! Sitting in the airport, after saying our goodbyes (not final for some) to an amazing group of people who have truly made the trip round India the best it could possibly be! A special thanks to Mandy our guide, who has put up with our nonsense and looked after us throughout all the mayhem (mainly toilet issues).

We have made so many memories along the way, which we will treasure forever.
Sitting round the table before we left, reminiscing on the past few weeks, discussing the highlights and the laughs we have had, realising we have made some truly wonderful friends. India we will miss you but will remember what a spectacular place you are! When you are able to read this we should hopefully be on the next stage of our trip (chilling out in Beijing, waiting for round 2 of our tours to begin)!

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